Friday, August 31, 2018

Who needs _____________ when you've got chocolate?

Pangs of guilt carefully stifled, chocolate safely in her cart, Laura paused. The coconut water and the face mask blithely adorned with a healthful slice of cucumber now seemed...smug. Hypocritical.   Chocolate made no demands of her.

Irresistibly soft

Denny stood awhile before the wall of toilet tissue, lost in thought. He had many difficulties in his life – his wart problem, his frustrating attraction of insects, isolation, loneliness.

He stared at the white, soft rolls, so foreign to him.

He reached out and touched the packaging, tickled the cheerful bear's chin.

Could this be the solution he'd been looking for?

Boots or bad jokes?

...and what, Kenneth thought, what would make a bigger splash at the soiree that night then a suave new pair of shoes?
His eyes flickered back to the adult board games.

Necessities only, please.

Philip was goosebumps all over. His two favorite crispy snacks, in one bag. Visions of walking tacos, late nights watching television, parties – the possibilities made him dizzy. But as Philip tabulated his final bill, he realized that he didn't have the money in his account. He dug through his cart. 
There had to be something here he didn't need.

Tonight I am Betty Crocker.

Harold stopped. He stared. A row of boxes emblazoned with a red spoon stared back at him. A faint stirring of almost-forgotten ambition stirred in the pit of his stomach. He gently placed the Hershey's Brand Sliced Chocolate Cr̩me Cake back on the shelf. The convenient, pre-sliced confectionery was no longer good enough, no longer appropriate for the new Рno, not new, but very old Harold stirring within.

Tonight. Tonight, Harold would bake again.